Commissions types & prices
TOS & Won't Do

Status - OPEN
Note me on dA if interested - PLXLEDUST


I reserve the right to decline a commission, please refer to the Won't do section of this carrd!If I haven't started yet and you want to cancel your commission, you're entitled to a full refund.Chargebacks will have you put on my personal blacklist.Paypal only!Please don't rush me when it comes to commissions.Max time frame of the work can be 3 months! (Does not apply to payment plans)If paying with a payment plan, I work in tiers - once quarter of the payment has been made, the sketch will be completed, once half payment has been completed the flat colours will be completed, three quarters of the payment gets shading and once full payment is completed, you will get the full hi-res files. This is to ensure I am covered for my work doneMake sure to provide me with an unwatermarked (so no dA or TH watermark across the front of it) and up to date image of the character you want drawingPlease don't reupload or edit my artwork - TH is PLXLEDUST for credits

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Commission types:

Prices may vary depending on what you want

Headshots $15Fullbody $30Minimal shading +$5Colouring +$10

Coloured Sketch Page - This will have a variety of coloured sketches of your character - between 5-10 sketches (coloured)

5 sketches $5010 sketches $100minimal shading +$5

Headshots/busts - can request for rough lines
$35Shading +$10

$50-$70 (depends on complexity)Shading +$20

$35-$45 (depending on complexity)Shading +$20

Starts at $70+ (ask for quote, depends on character complexity + bg - always shaded)

Teeny chibis:
$25No shading

Super Smol: Extremely simple chibis
$15No shading

Headshot Icons Perfect for use on Twitter/TH:
$25Shading +$5

Pixel dolls different sizes from 120x180 - 150x150 (depends on posing):
$20Shading +$5

Pixel icons 100x100:
$20Shading +$5

Reference sheet: Comes with front + back reference, fullbody, tail ref (if character has tail), eyes and palette.
Starts at $100Complex design charge: $50Extras such as outfits: $10 each

JR Customs: Always offbase, comes with a flat colour and shaded version, option to add accessories at no extra cost, WIPs.
Starts at $80 for full commonSee Jolleraptor Customs for information on more pricesSee JR Traits for more information on traits.Common subtype customs start at $400 excluding Dreamers - find out about the different JR subtypes

3-12 frame gifs
Depends on complexity, what type of animation + whether its headshot or fullbodyMin $30 for simple 3 frame gifs, ask for quote depending what you want

extra shading +$

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Won't do:

Over complicatedFanCS / OffbrandsMecha/ detailed botsAnything with skirts/ dressesLong hair (depends)NSFW
I'll let you know if there's anything other i'm uncomfortable drawing that is not listed here!

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